Monday, November 17, 2008

Difficulties, Not strong enough to stop you

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

No matter the level of the problems and difficulties you are presently going through, it may seem as if your whole world is coming to an end, I have a feeling in my heart that God is saying to you that you will go through.

Let me just share with you the story of my life when I had to completely cast all my cares onto the Lord. I was already doing fine, graduated at the age of 22+ in one of Nigeria's prestigious universities (Unilag), founded a thriving Nursery and primary school in Ibadan, Nigeria, bought cars, and was even giving out cars as gifts to others. I was succeeding by all standard.

All of a sudden, things began to take the negative turn, the enrolment of students in my school began to take the downward trend, you know this means lower income, and that means a lot. Events began to happen one after the other, most of the valuable possessions were either sold, stolen or lost. All these things happened in quick succession, the greatest intension of the devil was to break my heart, discourage me, and make me loose my testimony.

But I was all the more determined to be even more successful despite the torrents of evil things happening, I refuse to allow the negative situations arround me to dictate my mood. I must be frank with you, it was one of the hardest things to do on earth, to keep faith in the face of discouragement from friends and family. It is not easy to be hearing what they are saying and keep the faith, many will say it to your face that you are here because of sin, some will say because you were bad in the first place, others will make jest of you, many will experience their pleasure at your fall. All these should make you to go to work to surprise them that even you can still make it.

Many people who could not even raise up their head when I was talking in the good old days now started coming forward to offer their own advise on how I should run my life. Everybody now turned themselves to my coach, many of the advise were not worthy, infact more than ninety percent had to be thrown away. I was just observing and studying human beings, many thought that was my end, and that nothing good can come out of my Nazareth. Many good old friends would not want to have anything to do with me anymore. I remember going to beg for a soft loan from a very close friend, an amount I figured out he should be able to sqeeze out for me. He not only turned me down, he said some words I will never forget because from what he said you will know that he doesnt believe I can get out of the ruts. But thank God today I did. That was the reason why I reiterated my vow that I will never go a borrow in my life forever.

It got to the climax, I sold my house, my wife and I together with all our children began to live in rented apartment. One day the Landlady made effort to throw out our properties out of her house. To be continued

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