Friday, November 21, 2008

Difficulties, Not strong enough to stop you 2

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

We made all the effort we could but at the end of the day we were disgraced out of the house because the court bailiefs came to pack out our load in our very presence. They came on the order of the court, unknown to us that the land lady had secured such a judgement against us, we continued to live in the house until that fateful morning when they came to throw out our load from the court.

Can you imagine the situation when your properties are packed out of your house where you are known and respected as a responsible man in the society! Even the horror of facing your own very children to explain the situation is almost unbearable, it is a shame of the highest order. That is exactly what my wife and I passed through, it was a tough time for us, but I always remember the phrase credited to Robbert Schuller, "tough times never last but tough people do" I decided to be a toughie, that though those times were tough, I would develop a tougher attitude. I made up my mind to let go of any pride, to build my wealth back even from the ground floor again. I was determined more than ever to make it. Difficulties that I was facing was not sufficient to discourage me or to scare me from planning to do greater things in life.

Suddenly, one day, I was able to get a copy of SUCCESS DIGEST EXTRA, a publication of Success Attitude Development Center, Lagos, Nigeria. I read through with great interest, I soon discovered that a week long workshop on Internet would be taking place late february 2008 tagged Demystifying The Internet IV. I managed to get the money to enrol for the course, I needed more than the amount specified because I would be traveling about less than 200KM to get to the venue and I would also need to prepare or get money ready for my food.

At the end of the week long seminar/workshop, I developed a liking for one of our lecturers, Mrs Iyabo Oyawale who further explained things to me more perfectly at no extra cost. May the Lord bless this dear sister. From then on I began to do one or two things via the internet and the money began to come in little by little, I can tell you to the glory of God that level is changing fast.

You too can still make it, just keep at it, keep doing the right things, you will overcome like I did.

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