Tuesday, October 21, 2014

God Is With You

Everytime GOD plans to use a man or raise him in destiny, the devil goes the whole hog to disturb that man with miriads of problems. If you have seen attacks and opposition of the enemy in your life, it is an indication that the devil is envying GOD's plan for your life.

Anyway, he envied Jesus and tried to kill him but could not. Devil did not kill Jesus, He laid down His life for us. Devil envied Moses and tried to kill him even before he was born.

This problem and challenges you are going through is too weak to weaken you. Be bold, be strong for the Lord your GOD is with you. Stand strong and declare His word: it is well with my soul, i am more than conqurors, i can do all things, my GOD shall supply all my needs...
Be blessed and remain blessed.

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