Thursday, June 4, 2009

Secrets Of Making Wealth

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

You have to realize the fact that if conscious effort and plan is not made, amassing great wealth is not possible in this world. If you don’t have any plan to make money, you will never be rich.

Important points to note: If you truly want to become wealthy, then it is advisable for you to note the following points.

Choose your friends with care, your friends’ matters. Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, this is a very popular proverb which I love. Friends that you keep can influence your ability to make wealth.

Gifts will not (and cannot) make you wealthy. If you want to be wealthy, you must graduate from going to friends and family to beg for things in other to survive. Living on people will not make you wealthy, no matter how rich your benefactor is. Get out and work with your hand, get alone and allow divine ideas to flow, make use of these ideas that God is bringing to your mind.

Save money anytime you collect your salary or wages. The best way to get capital for your future business is to save money now, a minimum of 10% of your income is recommended. Your savings should be in a savings account or a fixed deposit account as the case may be. You have to resolve never to fall back on these savings for daily needs and expenditure, but see it as a savings meant for your future business. You only draw from it for business purposes, meaning for investment that will yield greater profit and make you more money.

Invest in shares of viable companies. Buying shares is a very powerful means of saving money in such a way that your money will be employed to work for you to make more money for you. Somebody said, “The rich doesn’t work for money but money works for him.” When you invest in viable shares, you are simply making you money to become your slave, working for you to make more money while you sleep and do almost nothing. Real wealth is having money to work for you while you have enough time to actually enjoy the money. Many Chief Executive Officers do have a lot of money but have no time to really enjoy their money. When you invest in shares, your money works for you while you make more money; you have enough time to enjoy it.
Venture into viable business. Salary or wages cannot make you rich; wealth comes from doing business and not from receiving salary. Doing your own business is the beginning of wealth creation. What type of business can you do to make you wealth? Any business that you love; that you are passionate about; that you are gifted in. Wealth is not a product of any particular business; it is a product of a man who is determined to make it. I have seen shoe makers fold up their businesses, as a result of bankruptcy, at the same time, some other shoe makers are making so much wealth that they became colossus in this world. So it is not the business that brings wealth it is the man behind the business. It is true that the business is important, the man behind it is more important. There is no business under the sun that does not have the potentiality of making you a millionaire. Many are flocking to oil and gas, or telecommunications and some are making it, while some are failing. You are more important than the business; it is not the business that prospers it is the man behind it that makes it prosper.

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