Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Free Blessings Of God

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph

One of the tricks the devil pulls is to make you ignorant of divine truth and that is why ‘my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge’
At a certain point in my life, things got so bad that I was totally confused. At that time, everything I was doing seems to be going wrong. There was problem at home, my business was falling, valuable relationships began to develop problems and on every side, I was faced with failure. I had lost a lot of money in some business deals (more than 3.5 million Naira), one land which I purchased long time ago and I was developing; the plot came up under serious litigation. The people who sold the land were part owners of the land, but not the only ones who have right on the land. The other co-owners took the matter to court and won, meaning that I had lost the right of ownership, though they (the winners) pitied me, yet they took over the land. It was not my fault, I was a victim of the covetous sellers of land who refused to pay back my money; all the money expended in buying blocks, gravel and building to window level, and to develop the plot of land went down the drain. Everything was happening fast and one would have thought that God was partial and uncaring. One day a friend of mine invited me to see a prophet who would pray for me and tell me the secrets of my problem and what I could do to get out of the mess. When we got to the prophet, he told me some deep things most of which were actual facts of my life, I was moved, and I wept. The solution was spiritual, he would do certain rituals which he explained and that he would do it on my behalf, but I must pay him the sum of twenty five thousand Naira. For God’s sake, I was broke – very broke. Ordinarily, that amount of money was not a big deal, but at that particular point in time, it was to me a very big Herculean task. Borrowing money to do such ritual was unthinkable for I hardly go for any type of loan. I went back to my house.

In the morning of the seventh day, which was the deadline or else according to the prophet, my enemies will pull the last trigger and that means they would succeed in killing me. I was troubled and disturbed; I paced back and forth in my office thinking. Without money, the prophet wouldn’t commence the ritual (I call it ritual but they call it prophetic work). As I was walking from one end of my office to another, I got to where my Bible was placed. (I had not read the Bible in three months), on a special impulse, I took the Bible and guess what I? I opened to Isaiah 55, I read the first three verses, I stood still and the Holy Spirit spoke out from the inside of me, trust only in my word and you shall live, for the word works. Let’s see Isaiah 55:1-3.

"Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath not money; come ye, buy and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.
Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? And your labor for that which satisfieth not? Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, ad let your soul delight itself in fatness. Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you …”

I read those words again and again. The Holy Spirit now began to help me to understand this scripture. I soon knew that my opening to this passage unconsciously was pre-arranged by the Holy Spirit. I was thirsty for a change for better in my life but had no money; here the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through the bible that I should come – without money and without price. I was so convinced that God was speaking directly to me from heaven; this was more authentic to me than the words of any prophet. God was saying to me (and now to you, my beloved reader), come and buy freely, buy wine and milk, buy bread and water, it’s free, because He said, ‘without money and without price’.

As I was meditating on these three verses, the light of God began to shine on the inside of me. If I should buy wine and milk (which I believe represent my solution) freely, why did I then still need to buy it? Why did God not say come and take it freely? Why did He say come and buy it freely and not take it freely? The Spirit enlightened me and said ‘buying activity is a business and serious activity’. The issue off taking it freely makes it less valuable than buying it freely. The act of buying demands a lot of things from you apart from your money, buying activity not only takes your money, it takes your being. You have to go to the market, locate what you want to buy, before then, you already had made up your mind on the product you desired to buy, then you negotiate after you are satisfied with the product. Payment is the last transaction after which you become the rightful owner.

You Can’t Get Something for Nothing

Like the great man Napoleon Hill said, “there is no such reality as something for nothing”; this statement is a universal truth. That is why the spirit said come and buy your wine and milk (this is your joy); your water and bread (which is your life and success), somebody must pay for it. It’s like a multi-millionaire business man telling you to go and buy as much thing as you need without (your own) money, going to buy all those things you desire on his account will cost you nothing; but it cost him (the business man) a lot depending on your purchase. You do the buying and you enjoy the product freely but the businessman had paid for the products.
Why do I need to look for a sum of twenty five thousand Naira to give to a prophet who will not give me permanent solution? That afternoon, I began to pray to God, the outcome of my personal encounter with the Holy Spirit gave birth to a lot of blessings from God into my life, freely, without money and without price. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ paid the prize. Please note that whatever you will ever need is available, you need no money whatsoever to buy it (them). Jesus has already paid the prize, so go and buy, go for it, the blessings of life is already yours. Thank God, I am alive today and though the prophet warned that my enemies would send the spirit of death on that day, it’s now many years ago, the word works, believe the word. Go and buy your wine and oil, the price had been paid on Calvary. Note: Do not let anyone deceive you; you can buy your blessing freely even today.

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