Thursday, May 1, 2008

Facts Of Life

By Adenuga Sunday Joseph
You are alive only by the grace of God, The best way to live life to the full isto understand the mysteries hidden in and about life. In this write up, I hopeto show you some of the secrets of life that I have been priviledged to find out by experience and by intensive search of other people’s lives.

Firstly, I found out that life is NEUTRAL. It is not partial, what you sow is whatyou reap, life is good or bad to you depending on what you put into it. I have seen very poor people rise up to great wealth and power because because of the sacrifises they put into life. At the same time, there are many who have fallen from great position of power and wealthbecause of the negative things they inputed into life. Nothing seemto be lost or forgotten, you always reap whatever it is that you imput. Sometimes people reap what they sow even when have forgotten the time they sow the evil or the good. Williams Shakephere said, “the evil that men do lives after them, the good is often intered with their bones.” This istrue except that the good also is not forgotten. Some think that the good that men do is forgotten after a while, this is not so. Whatever you do is recordedand have a reward, it may be positive or negative. Even the Scientists say, “That matter is neither created nor destroyed.” What do we learn from this? Simple! If you put in the hardwork that the successfuls put and imbibe the principles of life, you too will become as successful as any one considered a great success.

Secondly, I also found out that life is like division of labor. Can you imagine what life will be if there is no division of labor? If you have to do everything yourself, build your own house, make your own car, grow your own food, make your own clothes and so on without recourse to other human beings, life would be so boring and monotonous and short. Life has devised a means whereby you do only those things you are good at,others can buy or pay for your goods or services. I or anybody else do not need to know how to do everything, If all I know to do is to write, my writings will produce the income with which I cancater for my necessities in life. What this principle this is trying to teach you, my dear readers is that you should focus on one area of life that you have mastered (or can master with time). If you really master this area, you can become a millionaire helping other people who needs this special area to improve their lives. Many People needs what you have (and what you know), they are even willing to pay you good money for it, and as you focus on what you have mastered in life, you become better at it. People fail in life because they are not focused on only one thing long enough to receive the reward that is due for only those whoendured to the end; they want to do this and that, “Jack of all trades master of none.” I have not seen a single person in this whole wide world that focuses on one thing day in day out who has not become an outstanding success in life. When I say success, I do not mean that all of them have become millionairesbut all of them without a single exemption have become experts in what they do.All of them have been resonably comfortable and respected.

The third thing I have found out about life is that those who are into private businesses, self employed, and doing things they love are always richer and more comfortable in life than others who find jobs in established organisations.Those who work for established organisations may not be poor, but they are definitely not as comfortable and rich as those who find pleasure in doing what they love. The riches I mean here is not just money in the Bank, but the freedom to enjoy it. Even when these ones who are working for established firms are richer, they do not always have the time to really enjoy the money with their families. Think about this and observe with patience the people in your environment to see the truth of the assertion made in the above statement.

Lastly, In this write up, another mystery I have found out in life is money.Yes, money is a mystery, It is not as real as people have actually made it to be.The truth is that money is neither good nor bad. It all depends on how you use it.Money is nothing but the medium of exchange that makes life easier than the days of trade by barter.Money is the reward we receive for our products or services, and we in turn use the money to obtain other people’s goods or servises. The reason why I stated above that money is a mystery is because your money represents your life. Why? This is because the more money you have, the more quality of life you will live, it does not matter what anybody may say to the contrary.Everybody understands that the more money you have, the better you live, best medical facilities, good and comfortable house, the best cars, good education for your children ability to travel abroad via the best airline in first class ticket, enjoyment of world class facilities unavailable to those very good people who do not have money. That is why it is true that money rules the world.

It is very possible for you too to be rich and wealthy.
What do you do to attract wealth?
GO INTO A BUSINESS, establish a business of your own now.
What is business?
Business is the provision of goods and services to meet human needs in exchange for monetary rewards. It is easy to become rich if you are in a business of helping to meet other people’s needs. If you are in a fix concerning how to establish your own business, contact me and I shall be glad to lend a helping hand.


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