Saturday, January 18, 2014

Overcoming Problems of Life

Every one of us faces one difficulty in life or the other and yet some are succeeding. If anyone can succeed in spite of the problems they went through, so can you. This is true; success begins with this knowledge that you too can make it. Success in life does not depend on the absence of problems, it is even more pronounced when there are insurmountable problems. The more your problems, the greater glory you will receive when you eventually overcome. I started very well in life, born to an average family. My dad sent me to boarding school from the tender age of eleven; this gave me the tough opportunity of making decisions on my own. In the boarding school, it was my own responsibility to make certain decisions, ranging from which friends to follow, what to do with my time and all that. So many challenges and difficulties faced me while in school because in those days, the senior students did persecute the junior ones. Our seniors could do and undo, we feared them more than our teachers because we would always be together in the hostel when every teacher had gone home. Many wicked seniors would punish the junior ones till very late in the midnight. Succeeding as a student then in the midst of those difficulties was not an easy task. I remember one day, a very 'wicked' senior called me to help him buy bread and beans worth ten Kobo, and he gave me only five Kobo. I explained to him that he ought to give me ten Kobo, and the next thing was a big slap on my face. “What did I do wrong?’’, I exclaimed. “You sent me on an errand, I was fully ready to obey, but you did not give me the money to complete the errand, now, you slapped me”. He shouted at me and sent me to go and get his food or else I would be punished throughout the night. There was no money on me to complete the transaction. A friend who had gone through the same ordeal from this same senior advised me to go and find all means to get the food worth ten Kobo for this senior. I wanted to do this, but there was no money. One of the very strong principles I had developed from childhood was that I would not go a- borrow for any reason under the sun. I came back with five Kobo worth of bread and beans. When this guy finished dealing with me, I almost fainted or even die as a result of what he did to me that night. God saved me through one of his friends, who told him it was enough. These kinds of treatment gave me wisdom to manage my time and like Jesus said, “We are sheep in the midst of wolves”. So as a sheep, I needed wisdom to move in such ways that no wolf would harm me. Many of my classmates failed very simple exams because of the trauma we all went through in the hostel, but some still passed. From the age of eleven, God had taught me to know that it is possible to succeed in spite of difficulties. The difficulties I encountered in the hostel from the hands of wicked seniors were enough to make any student fail exams, but I was still able to make it. You may be going through tough times now, but you can still make it; I don't care how difficult your present situation may be, you can still make it. Difficulties did not come to break you but to make you; tough times did not come to inject fear, but to build boldness in you. You have what it takes to become a super success in life: go for it, do not stop at anything less. When I became a senior student myself, I had compassion on the junior students. My own sufferings in the hands of those seniors restrained me from being wicked to any junior. God also used me to influence many friends to stop that act of wickedness on the junior ones. May be God is permitting you to go through these difficulties because He wants you to be able to help and encourage somebody in times to come who will be undergoing the same difficulties. Are you going through afflictions and difficulties? Is life treating you so badly? Have you been rejected and forsaken? Do you consider your life a failure because of problems that have defiled solutions? I have very good news for you; this book will help you find your way to the success land that you dreamt about when you were younger. You can make it in life despite the very difficult time you are going through right now. I love the slogan credited to Robert Schuller, “Though times never last, but tough people do.” I believe in you, I believe that you can make it, I believe that God had invested in you and that you have what it takes to be successful in life. All you need to do is GO for it, and you shall have it.

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