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By Pastor Adenuga Sunday Joseph

Hi Pastor,

My name is Pastor Adenuga Sunday Joseph, I am the Pastor and Founder of Success Dimension Church, Ibadan, Nigeria. I have been in the ministry as a full time Pastor since the year 2006, my church was put on the web for free in the year 2008. In this report, I want to show you how to put your church and your ministry on the internet for free. You can do it whether you have a personal computer or not, if you don't have, you can use the cybercafe. Without mincing words, you will be able to put your church into the world wide web and do the following

1.Have a website called 'blog' where you will be able to publish your articles, audio messages and printed sermons as often as you may ever want to publish it all for free

2.Have another website where you will be able to post or send your videos, recorded messages for the viewing pleasure of the internet public, and remember that about 850 million people are actively using the internet on the daily basis

3.Show you tricks on how to get people to come visiting your website and read your blog articles which are full of your messages and beliefs.

4.Teach you how to make little money here and there with your free websites

5.Give you information on how to update your weblog and get fresh ideas published without stress.

6.Teach you how to sell your audio and video messages online, and how to collect your money in Naira and even in dollars if that is what you want.

7.Show you how to use the power of social networking website to popularize your church and your website.

8.And many more.

When I first learnt about this, I first created for free the website named, it was such a joy in my heart to have the freedom and the flexibitlity of writing my messages into various articles and publishing them whenever I choose. The joy is that ones these articles were written and posted to my blog, it became instantly available on the web all over the world for the reading pleasure of anyone who finds it. The good part is that people can even make their comments, ask questions and make their own personal contributions as they read your blog.

One day a man called me from Spain and told me he had just finished listening to my message on the internet titled, “Impossibility Doesnt Exist” he was so excited he couldnt keep it he had to phone me, and we've been friends ever since. God has used me to bless him tremendously through my internet ministry. Who knows how many people you will ever touch if you begin an internet ministry today, it does not take time, maybe just about thirty minutes to two hours or more a week will make your website looking great and updated. I personally spend about two to three hours on the internet everyday excluding Sundays. You are in charge, you get to choose the number of hours you can afford to spend in other to make your internet ministry a worthwhile experience and blessing to multiple number of people.

All PASTORS, Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets and Ministers of God in various capacity must enjoy this free internet facility. Note that Internet Ministry is not only for General Overseers and founders of churches and ministries subscribe to this package which i have made for you by the grace of God and Learn the following:

* The ABC's of how to start your own online ministry

* Set up a full fledged international ministry through the internet

* Have your own or ministry free websites and blogs

* Preach for free on the internet to millions of people around the world

* Make money while you preach for free on the internet

* Sell your ministry materials online (internet) and collect your money in dollars or in naira.

* Register with a reliable payment processor in Nigeria for free

* A free application/program with which you can create your own website by yourself within 30 minutes (worth N7500)

* Get a free life-time mentorship and advice on how to run your online ministry

* Receive free weekly newsletter and free monthly e-books on how to improve on your online ministry and rake in more money (worth N10000)

* You can use the cybercafe to do all these without sweat


Rush now to any branch of Guarantee Trust Bank, invest the sum of N2700 only to your life and ministry by paying to Account number: 405 4452 001590
Account Name: Sunday Joseph Adenuga. Then send a text message to 024804976 or e-mail to, stating your name, e-mail address, teller number and you will receive the product in your mail box as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Or you can simply come over to Sunny Day Model School, Oke Itunu, Mokola, Ibadan to purchase the CD for only N3000 only.

Act now, Act fast, put your ministry on the net today contact me at 08054041462

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